Sally Girl Nail Polish

I like Sally Girl Nail polish. However, I have only tried these two colors. I have a couple of beefs with this nail polish:

  • It’s matte and they don’t say so. While easily fixable, it negates the point of having them in your purse for quick touch ups because you would need a bottle of clear/top coat unless you want the matte look.
  • On the web site, these have names but on the bottles they have numbers. If you live in an area with no Sally’s Beauty supply you cannot go online to just buy the colors you want, or can’t get at your Sally’s.  
  • There is one thing that I LOVE about this polish that other’s hate. I love the tiny brush. I will tell you that since I have small nails and hands, the tiny brush is a god send. I also love the small size because of how portable they are. 

There are some great things about this polish:

  • It’s $.99. Less in some cases, like if you have a Sally’s card.
  • The color range is amazing. And the colors are vibrant.
  • I had very little problems with chipping unless I picked at my nails.
  • The size is wonderful. These are especially nice if you have never tried an electric blue, but don’t want to spend $6+ on a bottle you may very well hate. 
  • The two I have went on fairly smoothly and only need 2 coats. The lighter pink was a little streaky, but once dry was fine. 

They did not mix with a sparkly top coat (together, not on top) very well. That was a problem for me. I like to mix colors and blend them together to make new effects. HOWEVER! I have every intention of going out and buying a ton of these and trying out some strange techniques and working with the other colors. I will of course update everyone and let you know how they mix, and if they are good for designs and painting. 

Dark Pink Number: EH0253
Light Pink Color: EH1131

The H could be an M. These are so hard to see.  

(Note: The final photo has a top coat to give it a glossy look. Those are pretty close to what the colors look like in person.)

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